How can CEOs get better value from Facility Management?

(It's the End of Facility Management as We Know It - It's Time to Think Bigger!)

In Leadership FM, Moore and Sonsino have given us an amazing overarching narrative... I hope the stories of the amazing men and women from our profession inspire you

Tony Keane, President and CEO of the International Facility Management Association

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What People Are Saying in the Book:

  • avatar Tony Keane President and CEO, International Facility Management Association

    In 30 years time, we won't be having the conversation about influencing the c-suite. By then, I expect CEOs will be all over events like World Workplace, trying to find the best ways to optimise their organisations.

  • avatar Jon Seller General Manager, Optegy, and Chair, International Facility Management Association

    Probably the thing I'm most passionate about is finding the FM professionals of the future. Look around any event anywhere in the world and most of us have got grey hair.

  • Phyllis Meng Deputy Director, Los Angeles Metropolitan Transport Authority

    Sustainability is the big thing. Very, very big. And it isn't obvious, it won't be a foregone conclusion. Nothing that involves all of us is ever going to be easy to make happen.

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So What’s The Book About?

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About The Authors

Steven Sonsino and Jacqueline Moore are a husband and wife team who coach and consult on leadership and facility management.

Jacqueline Moore was for 16 years a columnist and senior journalist on the London Financial Times. (She actually could say 'hold the front page!') 

She trained as a change consultant at Cranfield School of Management and was a director of the award-winning Journalism Training Centre from 1992 to 1998.

Steven Sonsino is a Fellow in the Centre for Management Development at London Business School and a visiting professor at four other business schools worldwide, including the Indian School of Business in Hyderabad.

He has been a keynote speaker at FM events around the world since 2003, when Leadership Unplugged - his first leadership book - was published.

Steven's private clients include Jones Lang LaSalle, Microsoft, HSBC, Emirates, Sanofi Aventis and Coca-Cola among many others.

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